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Roy's treatments

My service is highly tailored to the individual, depending upon their needs and desires, ranging from general relaxing full-body to more localised work to treat specific conditions. Sessions can run from 30 minutes to two hours, and can be one-off or part of a more regular arrangement.

Treatments available (click on the treatment type for more information)

You can download descriptions of all these treatments here.



"I have had regular massages from Roy for over a year now, and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who is looking for a really good massage treatment, he is always professional and if you are at all nervous or a your first time massage treatment, Roy will put you at ease straight away with his personality and his skill, being a fully qualified professional masseur myself I know what i am talking about regards massage and Roy gives one of the best treatments i have ever had, I highly recommend him."

Philip - massage therapist

“Roy is exactly what you want in a massage therapist: friendly, but doesn't chatter at you when you just want to relax; utterly professional; and always willing to discuss and work on problem areas, and be guided by you as to how light or firm you need your massage to be.


I'd recommend Natural State Therapies to anyone.

Danica - hypermobility sufferer



Mobile prices:

30 mins - £35 (shorter distances only)

60 mins - £50

90 mins - £70

120 mins - £85

Pulborough Home Clinic prices:

30 mins - £35

60 mins - £50

90 mins - £70

120 mins - £85

I can smile again!


"Just had to say whilst I remember, for the first time in many years I feel like I can lay flat correctly, my lower back and buttocks feel in line its fantastic as not felt it for long time. I slept brilliantly, circulation has been so much better but most of all my myofacial pain is starting to hang back longer each time u massage me and yes my jaw still feels in line today and after a night's sleep that's norm out and in agony but holding out and trying to stay relaxed lol. Thank you, so many benefits"

Christina - fibromyalgia sufferer

"I mainly saw the massage as a set time to relax physically and mentally, without having to think or analyse too much why I was doing the massage/ whether I actually deserved it."


"I think I have become more willing to have massages done on my arms and legs, stomach which I have more of a complex over."


"I think continued massage therapy would be a positive outcome, as long as I persevere with the core psychological treatment for my condition."


"I would recommend in general this therapist to all who are in need of massage therapy."

Hannah - Anorexia sufferer

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